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The Timeless Benefits of Carpet Flooring

At Top 10 Floors, we're here to help homeowners try and figure out what carpet flooring would best suit their renovation requirements. If you are considering installing carpet flooring, whether it's for a bed room, living room, or your entire house, our Top 10 Floors experts can answer all of your flooring questions.

What's so Special About Carpet Flooring?

In short, there are tons of reasons! Carpet flooring not only adds a beautiful appearance and cozy atmosphere to your home, but it also adds value.

Style and Appearance: Carpeting adds a touch of class to any room, seamlessly flowing with the décor by using color, texture, patterns, and pile variations. Carpet flooring can help you create the image you have in your mind for one room or entire home. With virtually hundreds of colors, patterns, and cuts to choose from, homeowners have endless possibilities to achieve the style statement they want.

Insulation: Carpeting can help you save energy as it contributes to the insulation of your indoor environment. Not only does it provide you with warm, snug toes, but it also conveys a sense of encompassing hospitality and coziness that families desire.

Sensation and Feel: Have you ever tried curling up in front of a beautiful roaring fireplace on a cold, wood floor? You can try, but you won't feel very comfortable. Carpet flooring feels wonderful, soft, and relaxing, keeping your feet warm and your family happy. Also, it gives your house a "softer" feel that cannot be duplicated with other flooring options.

Sound and Noise Reduction: If you're tired of hearing every single shuffle, cough, and barking pet in the house, consider carpet for its sound reducing capabilities.

Increased Safety: Are there any members of your household that have issues with slipping, tripping, or falling? Carpeting offers both added foot grip and additional cushioning for people with decreased or impaired mobility, such as young children and the elderly.

Health Benefits:
Carpet flooring traps allergens, pollen, dust, and other air contaminants, holding them until you can vacuum and remove them. Allergy sufferers often believe that carpeting increases their symptoms, but this is just not the case. In fact, it's used as an air purifier, removing these air particles and impurities to improve household air quality.
Looking for new carpeting but don't know where to start? Start with us, Top 10 Floors! Come on into our Tampa, FL showroom and peruse the finest quality carpet flooring available on the market.

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